some things i'd like to share with you

I've done a very good job of crawling up into my own head lately, which means I am currently even more socially awkward than usual and more or less unable to do normal, simple things like "chat" and "make eye contact" and "not be a completely awkward weirdo." I think it's a 5 thing.

So because I am currently incapable of making a whole lot of sense or contributing in any way to this great dialogue in the sky that we call The Internet, I have for you a collection of thoughts from other, more coherent, more insightful, frankly more interesting, people. Let me know what you think of each or any of these!

Intentional Motherhood
How to back out of your driveway
- Finding gratitude in the simplest of things
- Reflections on the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and that big guy in the red suit

- Gift Guide for the Polar Bear Lover
-  How to select toys that last (harkening back to Rosemond here)

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