preparing for a "collapse situation"

One of the things I picked up since having a child is an interest in self-preservation. Prior to Gabriel coming along, my general plan for facing a nuclear meltdown/world war 3/apocalypse situation involved cyanide in pill form. Now, I've gone and procreated and can no longer stomach this plan.

One resource I've turned to is a blog called TEOTWAWKI. On here I've read product reviews, ideas for survival, helpful info on guns, and a series I'm particularly fond of that lays out how to prepare for a collapse on $40 a week. My preparations will have a substantially smaller budget, but there's something reassuring about making emergency plans, even if it's only plans and no substance at this point.

If you're into this kind of thing, check out the blog! If nothing else, it's a fascinating glimpse at a niche group I hadn't really met before.


  1. Mormons are huge into emergency preparedness. Brad's parents have all kinds of food storage and and random boy scout type supplies. There are lots of good ideas, especially now that the Mormon mommy bloggers have become so popular. :) Try looking up the "72 hour kit". Those seem to be more doable for me than going so extreme as to build a bunker in the back yard. haha

    1. oooo, I'll have to look for the 72 hour kit thing! Just as soon as I finish doing the 5,000 other things I'm doing/should be doing/have been putting off doing. I'm still not used to how busy I am all day with a baby!


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