an etsy item you should see

You guys.

I needed a new glasses case. And I found one. From this shop. And I love it.

Check it:

photo by WickedStella

You can see his brother here.

Check it out. You will laugh. And maybe you will buy your own? (Note: there's nothing in it for me.)

Besides, it's almost Easter. And I'm pretty sure Jesus is the closest thing to 'zombie' this world will ever see.


  1. Have you ever checked out Regretsy? It's a compendium of some of the...er...most "interesting" items up for sale on etsy. Not always as cute and whimsical as that glasses case (which I totally want, btw), but definitely good for a laugh or at least a moment of amazement at the kinds of things people come up with.

  2. Oh yes, I love Regretsy. In that cringe-y sort of way.


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