One of the rad things about my library is its set of bloggers. Recently one of them put out this gem, called Libraries are a smart investment.

It talks about all the benefits the library system here in Denver provides. And I can vouch for their widespread use - I've regularly frequented two branches, and they are both regularly packed. I've never been to either of them - and I've been at all hours - when the parking lot wasn't nearly full during open hours. It's remarkable!

This library system is great, too, because they have just about everything. And if I can't find something at the Denver library (rarely happens, and when it does happen, it's usually a little-known Christian-y book), about 80% of the time I can get it through the Colorado library loan 'conglomerate' called the Prospector. I've also been known to request the acquisition of a title, if nobody has it and I think it's something that fits here. (Meaning, I don't request the random little Christian-y books. Or at least not all of them...

I have probably expounded upon the virtues of the DPL here before, so I won't tell you more. But I do encourage you to check out that link up there. It's compelling, if you're into (and worried about) libraries the way I am. 

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