early morning bible study

My husband is a youth minister. You might have figured that out by now.

A new school year recently began. You probably knew that too.

This year's youth group has a great crop of seniors. These kids are friendly, inclusive, outgoing, and all around nice to be with. What's more, a few of them are really motivated, faith-wise. So Brian decided to capitalize on that.

Wednesday morning, two days ago, a group of high schoolers gathered at our house at 5:45. (I would like to note that the sun didn't even gather at our house for another hour.) Their purpose? Studying the bible together.

Cool, right?

Even cooler is, Brian made blueberry muffins, from scratch, all by himself. My Brian, my Brian who does not bake, my Brian who has baked maybe two times since I've known him, including these muffins.

So many people being so impressive, my head might explode.

What's been impressing you lately?


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