brief life update

News! We have news!

We're moving! We are leaving our apartment and moving into a house across the street from the church.

It's a little 3br ranch, within walking distance of Brian's job and about a half mile from mine, which is technically also walking distance although it will likely be biked rather than walked by yours truly.

It is partially tiled (yay!), partially carpeted (ick from me, yay from Brian), and partially hardwoods (yay again!). The owner thinks it was built in 1952, and I'd believe him judging by the funny closet built-ins and the sorta-arched threshold from the living room to the back bedrooms.

This is possibly the last place we'll rent before we buy, which also makes me happy.

But you know what makes me the happiest girl in the world?

IT HAS A FENCED BACK YARD. And I have a border collie puppy who has to go outside approximately every 5 seconds.

We'll be landing there just in time for it to get cold. Just in time for us to have a true appreciation for not having to bundle up every time the dog has to pop a squat.

I am so excited. I've been prepping the dogs daily, telling them each morning that in just a few weeks, we won't have to go through this old routine anymore. I can let them out of their crates, not mess with leashes, not mess with commands and fussing and Rory's early-morning hyperactivity...I will just open their crates, they will run, and I will open another door. It sounds like potty heaven, if you ask me.

We are liking the anticipation of moving, talking about the new layout and thinking about what furniture will go where. Redecorating isn't far from my mind, though the budget says otherwise, so for now it's fun to imagine what we'll do 'next year.' In the meantime, we'll have gatherings! Parties at our house! We've never been able to do that before.

Needless to say, stoked.

We take possession on Sept. 24. The heavy lifting of the move will be done on Saturday, Sept. 25. I haven't put a call out to the troops yet, but oh boy is that coming.

And packing, you ask? Well...we have a packing game plan, yet to be implemented....oops. Better get started on that.

Packing will go hand in hand with a new project I've been meaning to tell y'all about, too. So look for more about that on Friday.

In the meantime, happy Wednesday!


  1. I am SO doing the happy dance for you!! I would be so excited for a fenced in back yard, too. I know this will give you a bit of your sanity back :)

    p.s: moving is the PERFECT excuse to purge :) Ah it's so therapeutic to me.

  2. YAY! And it'll be so much fun to decorate for the holidays too!
    I definitely understand the dog issues. You're going to LOVE having the yard.

  3. congratulations! we also have a 1952 house and excitable doggies. you will LOVE that fenced backyard ... especially when the weather is bad.


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