another comment on how it can't be august yet

So...you know it's August, right?

When did that happen?

Seriously. I feel like such a broken record when I say I can't believe how fast time has flown by...but really, is it seriously August already?

(If you ask my wall calendar, the answer is no, it is still July.)

School supplies are everywhere, with their shiny newness and the hope that comes with the packaging. By the way, have you seen the pencil pouches out there? There are ridiculously cute ones. RIDICULOUSLY CUTE pencil pouches. I might need to get one for myself. (For all those wooden #2 pencils I tote around.) 

There's something about this time of year that makes me feel a little uneasy excited. It's in the air. It's catchy. Little kids are getting all excited to start a new grade - or going to school for the first time. Schedule and teacher comparisons are flying around. Moms are sighing about 'one more week' as their kids drop and throw a tantrum at 10am.

No, really, I have witnessed at least three moms do this in the past 5 days.

Oh, and everything is on sale!

On a more personal, I-don't-have-kids-and-I'm-done-with-school-at-least-for-now level, my workplace is putting on our international conference this weekend. Because I'm hourly, I am under-loading during the week and overloading on Friday-Sunday. I'm filling the time by being on site for VBS, of which I was co-director this year. (Ask me about my thoughts on that later.) So I am definitely keeping the busy-ness spirit, just not in the back-to-school way.

Confession: I've also been baking banana bread. I'm using the Fannie Farmer recipe, overloading on the banana, and skipping the nuts in lieu of white chocolate chips. Amazing. So so so mind-bogglingly good.

Banana bread might have comprised approximately 75% of my dietary intake today. Tomorrow isn't looking any different.

Seriously though, I am jonesing for a new pink eraser.

What was your favorite school supply as a kid?

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