Learning Search Engine Optimization

There's something so refreshing, and satisfying, about learning a new skill.

Recently I began a new learning journey, and if you paid any attention whatsoever to the title of this post, you know what I'm doing. Or at least, you know what what I'm doing is called.

Search Engine Optimization is what it's called, or SEO for short. SEO makes a website more noticeable on search engines. The more you're noticed, the higher up in the results list you are, and therefore the more hits you get. For many websites, it's all about the hits.

In practice, SEO means making changes to things like your page title and 'meta descriptions' (your page's subtitle, in a way) so that keywords are present.

I've been a writer for many years. I've been an internet user since 1997. Learning SEO feels like a natural extension of those two attributes. It's something I've wanted to learn basically since I first found out about it more than a year ago, and to be learning it, and getting PAID to learn it, is pretty awesome in my book.

It's also pretty cool to be learning all about a subject that interests me anyway - the company whose website I'm "SEOing" specializes in a product that I consume on a regular bases. (Twenty bonus points if you can guess what that is.)


  1. Cool SEO huh?? Girl we need to talk!

  2. It's always fun to pick up something new - getting paid to learn is the icing on the cake! hope it goes well.

  3. I desperately need to learn SEO!! I've learned some from reading SavvyBlogging.net, but I have a LONG ways to go... maybe I can self-educate when I'm done w/ my Masters.

    Just making the Coffee Girl Rounds this AM - Have a GREAT weekend!

  4. Everything you said just went over my head. Um, are we talking in English? I've been a blogger for a year and have no ads or fancy things on my blog. Would love to learn more about this subject!



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