throwback music

I went to college fairly ignorant about what I then called 'the secular music scene.' I listened to Christian music growing up, with some oldies thrown in for good measure. I was seen rocking out to Summer in the City on numerous occasions.

I was cute, too.

But anyway. In the fall of 2001, I hadn't had much exposure to most of the music that most of the people my age were listening to. I would pick up random recommendations here and there, and I'd listen to the radio too, when it was bearable.

One of the talented artists I picked up on was Tracy Chapman. And to this day, she reminds me of my artist friend Sarah, who told me she would listen to the self-titled Tracy Chapman album while she painted.

I think, however, that my most favoritest discovery was Shakira. And I found her in my super lame-o Spanish 4 class, wherein I learned nothing except that Shakira is awesome. The TA played a Shakira song called Estoy Aqui (meaning, I'm here, or here I am) and I loved it. Not too long later, I picked up Shakira's greatest hits album, called Grandes Exitos (which is Spanish for Greatest Hits). It's all Spanish language, and it's all really great. 

Not long after that, or maybe right before that, Shakira began to do her crossover thing into English. And I mean, that stuff is good, but I liked her in Spanish better. 

Turns out, this is still the case. I just listened to She Wolf for the first time...and I didn't like it. I'll take the Spanish-singing Shakira from 10 years ago any time. With a little Hips Don't Lie for good measure.

This story isn't an unusual one - an artist's musical growth over the course of a significant career. Sometimes the changes are great, and sometimes they fail to make an impression. Sometimes both. Metallica and their Black album, for example. Christina Aguilera when she went all dirty. Linkin Park and their most recent release. 

Have you ever been disappointed by the latest album of your favorite musician?


  1. As someone who knew you during the only-Christian era, I can't believe you just referred to Metallica. lol. And yeah, I saw Shakira on American Idol singing some Gypsy song, and it was weird.

  2. For the record, I don't actually like Metallica and I don't listen to them voluntarily. But I did catch some kind of interview/documentary thing at some point in college and they talked about the Black album blah blah. Just for the record :)


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