call this post anything but 'my best friend' wedding'

I went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to be a part of Holly's wedding. Holly was my maid of honor when I got married, and I was so happy to be one of her bridesmaids when she and Caleb got hitched.

So that's the mush. Here's the good stuff. PHOTOS!

Holly's wedding photos are already back, and boy are they good. I have been authorized to share them with you, because they are THAT good. I've pasted a couple below, but what I'd really like you to do is go to the photo blog and see the rest. But what's more...

What I'd REALLY like you to do is leave a comment on the photo blog post if you think they're any good. If Holly and Caleb get 75 comments on the post, they'll get a swanky 11x14 portrait printed on canvas. And if you've ever dealt with wedding photographers and their price lists, you know this is pretty sweet.

So please, if you have a minute and you are so inclined, skip commenting here and go comment there instead.

My friends and I thank you.

I am off to wrangle a border collie into submission after being cooped up for 3 rainy days. FUN. We might need a new sofa by the time the weather gets nice.


  1. Good luck with the Border Collie, we had one growing up and I know how that can be!

  2. I left a comment on the photo sight! I do LOVE the pics.

  3. They are excellent photos indeed!

    Question for you: if you had not been able to attend their wedding, what would you have done to congratulate them? (I posed this question in the Blog Frog community too.)


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