bragging on him

You guys, I have the best husband. Here's how we celebrated Valentine's day, a day early:

Saturday morning we were both beat from staying up watching the Olympics opening ceremonies late into the night. I got up around 7 with the dogs (apparently they were beat too!) and decided I was too tired to be up for the day. So I collected the pups and we went into our room - where the dogs usually aren't allowed - and the 4 of us cuddled for a few hours. It was really cute - Eli is a pro at settling into a pile of blankets and Rory even managed not to fidget for up to a minute at a time. That was something I couldn't pull often - we're pretty set on not letting dogs in the bedroom. But it was a really nice special occasion.

I ended up giving Brian his present while we were all cuddling, because I couldn't wait. It's a universal remote. I know, exciting, right?  Well, we juggle 4 remotes (5 if you count the one for the stereo) and he's been wanting one of those Harmony (read: $$$) remotes for months now. I read a bunch of reviews and found that some people who do get the Harmony have some serious complaints, and I ended up getting the (much more affordable) one that some former Harmony users switched to.

We got up eventually and started poking around for food. Brian put in the movie Troy, which we had been talking about watching a little while earlier, and he played around setting up the remote.

After Troy, we went out to lunch. Brian didn't tell me where we were going, so I dressed in a medium-nice-casual kind of outfit - a maroon jersey knee-length dress, black cardigan, and my boots. Turns out I was really overdressed for where we went - a subversive Mexican-ish place (more like Q'doba or Chipotle) called Illegal Pete's, over by campus. We'd never been there before, and it was great. Not authentic Mexican, but really good. Kind of an anti-establishment choice for Valentine's day, but that's how we roll.

We were near the church and Brian said he needed to swing by, so he dropped me at the Sunflower market so I could pick up some produce and coconut oil - and Girl Scout cookies - and he went to the church. When he picked me up, there was my present! He'd been collecting small things for me that he thought I'd like - two boxes of tea and a mug with Van Gogh's Starry Night on it (he'd heard me mention that I like that painting), a giant kiss, and a hand-made card saying he's hunting down a used copy of Spanish language Rosetta stone for me to get ready for our trip to Guatemala this summer. (I'm sure he'll be using it too!) What a surprise! We aren't really big on Valentine's day, so I was shocked! In a good way :) I'm really looking forward to reclaiming the Spanish language.

The rest of the day was pretty low-key. I had some kind of weird stomach/headache thing  (I was really dehydrated) so we just chilled and watched the Olympics (and I inhaled a bunch of water). Brian caught up on some work and I did some knitting. Not exactly an evening filled with romance, but that's not our style anyway. It was nice to have some down time together. I sure love my hubby.

Do you celebrate Valentine's day? How did you spend your weekend?


  1. I love Illegal Pete's! Sounds like you guys had a nice holiday, or "holiday," or whatever.

    We had a similar type of weekend ... on Saturday I had a baking day with a friend who lives in the Springs, and we made cute fortune cookies with personalized fortunes for Lance and her fiance. Also rosemary foccacia and chocolate lava cakes. :)

    Then on Sunday I actually cooked a big ol' rib eye steak ... something I've never done but had wanted to try, and Lance, the quintessential meat-eater, was very appreciative. We ate that with the bread from the day before, some baked pasta in a creamy cheesy sauce, broccoli, and homemade french fries, then had the lava cakes for dessert after we exchanged cards.

  2. that sounds great! We had a really low-key relaxing v-day as well. Love that.

  3. Katie, are you ever not baking? Too bad we don't live closer. Lava cakes??

    Kaylene - I maintain my position. You guys are adorable.


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