we survived! (the weekend)

Brian was away this past weekend on a ski trip with the young adults group. I had originally planned to go too, but really it all boiled down to money and us not being able to afford the cost of me going plus the cost of caretakers for the dogs. Well, I mean, I could have gone, but it would have been a bad financial move.

So instead, I stayed home with our dogs and did some work on my website. A friend came over on Saturday and we did some fun baking projects (YUM) so that was nice. Girl time and all. We talked about brides and how some of them get so obsessive over stupid things. She's in a wedding, which will require her to travel a ways, and the bridesmaids are wearing black shoes, and the bride is making them all buy the same pair of shoes. And, I mean...black sandals are black sandals, and what girl doesn't already have 2 or 3 (except me of course, I have 0), and why is it necessary to make them buy more? I was in a wedding last summer and we all wore a dress of this particular shade of green that really wouldn't look good with anything other than a light goldish (we called it champagne) shoe, and there weren't many options, so we all bought the same new shoes. That made sense to me. But black, really? I don't know. I hope I wasn't that short-sighted as a bride. (Did any of you girls wear your dress again?) Anyway.

When one of the other folks going on the youth retreat found out I wasn't going, she asked me to keep her dog too. And I must have been high on drugs or something when she asked, because I didn't hesitate when I said yes, sure, that would be fine. Because I'd met her dog, and her dog is calm and low key and easy to be around.

I forgot how big her dog is, though. Seriously. Chey (as in Cheyenne) stands taller than my hips.

I also forgot how angry Eli is when other beings dare to enter his presence, and especially his home. And especially big dogs. (Keep in mind, for Eli, anger is actually fear.)

Eli spent nearly the entire first 28 hours of Chey staying with us, howling and barking and shrieking his fool head off, in a terror nearly the whole time. I had a couple of hours of respite before bedtime Saturday night - after her being around enough, he got to be ok with her...as long as she didn't move. But then it was bedtime, and it was dark, and Eli barked and growled his fool head off at least once an hour, and more like once every half hour, the entire night. Even though Chey was in a completely different room. Poor guy had a rough weekend.

And I am exhausted. But I survived. And I am never dog-sitting ever again :)


  1. yeah, again, sorry about the shoes...i haven't worn my dress again, but i also haven't had it shortened the way i intended for it to be LBD status. fun time with the dogs, huh?

  2. ha, no problem. It would have been hard to find shoes that color anyway. I am tired of dogs. ha!

  3. Annabelle is really fearful of other dogs too.. I have no idea where it came from. She LOVES Miles.. like, ADORES his head off, haha. But a stranger dog? She looks like a hyena with her back hair sticking up and everything.

    I'm pretty sure I told my bridesmaids they could wear tennis shoes if they wanted, as long as they were white, haha.

  4. Aw, Annabelle is a lot like Eli. When we brought Rory home - a doped up tiny puppy - Eli tried to attack her. Granted, he was already worked up from spending half an hour sitting around the animal shelter, and we were in a 'strange place' when they met. But still. It was kind of tense there for a minute. He gets these crazy wide eyes with tiny pupils and he hyperventilates. It's like he can't even hear me - I have to find ways to get him to snap out of it.

    I told my bridesmaids they could wear whatever they wanted, that shoes were even optional and especially optional at the reception. I think they all went with black? MY shoe broke in the middle of the ceremony which was fine because all I had to do was "recess" without falling on my face. I had planned to be barefoot the rest of the time anyway.


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