the extreme hotness

I just want to take this opportunity to inform you all of my latest endeavor to score cool points with the boy.

See for yourself.

This is Brian, the Other to my Significant. He is behind the wheel of a car. But not just any car...

Can you tell what it is?

Does this help? I admit my "car photography" skillz are a bit lacking.

What about this? That's gotta help some, at least...

Well anyway. I'll just tell you the story.

Saturday was a weird day. We both got up and decided to spend the morning moving some things from Brian's dorm room over to the house, to get a head-start on moving him in so that it's not what we're spending the majority of Thanksgiving break doing. Smart us!! Anyway, so we did that, got good and weary, got some irritating Taco Bell (with a coupon! We are coupon fiends!!) and came over to the house to watch a movie and take a break. We ended up taking more of a break than expected, as Brian passed out for a long winter's nap. I was wide awake, though, and bored out of my head, and NOT wanting to do anything housework-wise. So I called my friend Kyle.

Here's the scoop on Kyle. He works for a used car company of sorts. He has access to cars that, for whatever reason, this company won't sell in stores or at auction. This means he can get good cars for cheap, and re-sell them a little while later. His first venture, a BMW Z4, was a moderate success, as best I can tell. His second venture was a 1992 Dodge Viper. The Viper also happens to be Brian's favorite car.

We've known for a while now that Kyle would be temporarily acquiring said vehicle. Brian didn't know WHEN said acquisition was going down, though. But because I'm the girl with the sweet hookups, I knew what was going on. And the previous Tuesday, Kyle and I had conspired.

So, back to Saturday. I was bored. Brian was sleeping. The weather was perfect. And, Kyle wasn't doing anything! I left Brian the sweetest note I could muster, whose placement managed to wake him (curses)! I then went to pick up Kyle, drive him downtown to the (locked! abandoned!) parking deck where the Viper was, illegally park my car, find entry to the deck, uncover the red 10-v beast, and (once again, illegally) sneak out of the deck via tailing someone in possession of a key card through the gate.

My car wasn't towed, which was a good thing. The bad thing was, Brian never really got back to sleep from his nap. Which meant that he then wandered the house, bored and alone, noticing all the housework I'd failed to catch up on. He called me to see what I was up to...I couldn't really give a good answer. No good He discovered that I had taken the yet-unloaded car full of his stuff; he also discovered that I had taken the keys to the OTHER car, so if he were to be going anywhere, it would be on foot. Fine, he thought to himself. It's a fine day for some playtime with Eli over at the seminary. Brian then discovered that Eli's leash was missing, probably in the car sitting in the driveway with no mode of friendly entrance. In his re-telling of the story, I sensed some frustration.

Meanwhile, I was stoked. Kyle and I were plotting. I had this big surprise in the works for Brian. And when I'm trying to pull off a plot, I get giddy. And relatively useless. I had to keep giving Brian non-answers that made not even an iota of sense. But I hoped the cherry-red surprise would make up for my being a dork, a spaz, and a weirdo all in one. I pulled up to the house, ready to get him to rush outdoors just in time for Kyle to cruise past. But...no Brian! He, and Eli, were not to be found. I assumed they were on a walk.

I called Brian, and I was right. They were at the seminary, and did I know there was a wedding going on? After a few inane phone calls, Kyle and I came up with Plan B and headed over there. Stealth was critical, though, so I had to find out exactly where Brian was, via a lame 'my toe hurts and I don't want to walk too far so just tell me where you are so I can park closest to there' excuse. I sense frustration in his retelling THIS part of the story, too. But in all seriousness, I totally ravaged my toe on a heartless corner.

ANYWAY. after a few last-second U-turns and another flub or two on my part, Brian spots the car. Kyle, like the champ that he is, pulls over to where we are. The boys do that boy thing where they stand around admiring tires and poking at the engine and stuff. And then Kyle says the magic words - "so do you want to go for a ride?"

And off we went, the guys in the Viper and me tagging behind, assuring them a ride home after the car was to be put to bed.

It's mighty difficult wielding a camera the size of mine whilst traveling down the highway.

To be continued...

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