my one dog is barking

Eli is being gruff with me, and I'm not sure why.

Actually, I went and checked to see why he was being gruff, and it's because his water dish is empty. I keep having to refill that durn thing multiple times a day. Eli's a pretty thirsty pup, you see, and his current water dish has a big chunk missing out of the side, so there's only room for one meal's worth of water in the bowl before it would start spilling out.

Memo to the Universe: Eli needs a new water dish. A matching food dish would be swell, because matchy-matchy is grand. And, uh, Universe, cat dishes are much better for this little dog because he doesn't like to have to reach over the edge of a tall bowl to get to his food. Collar tags clinking the ceramic and all. Very startling.

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