our setup

I thought it might be interesting to share our current setup and structure here.

Gabriel and I share a 900-square-foot apartment. It's a good size for us, even a little on the roomy side. Our apartment is situated over the detached garage to the home my mom shares with her husband. I used to describe it as "an apartment over the garage" or something like that, but then I had friends over and they all said it's too nice to call it a garage apartment. So now I call it "the loft" in my head. Our neighborhood is safe and secluded, a great place for Little G to spend his first years.

Living with family can be perilous and I happen to like my independence, however delusional it may be to prop up some sense of "independence" at this particular point in my life with these particular trappings. However, I have a lease and pay rent. It's not an insignificant rent, either. I work from home and I rarely take a day off, because independence costs money.

I am more or less "unpacked" but I don't quite feel "settled" yet and it is definitely nowhere near "done" in here. Of the 7 windows, one has a curtain and two more have sheers; the only artwork that's hung is what's in Gabriel's room (not counting the stuff that has already fallen off the walls in there), and I'm pretty sure I will spend the spring re-doing every closet and overhauling every storage-related decision I've made to this point. But it's a great apartment and I love living here. I shudder to think of what our lives would look like if I'd stayed in Denver.

It's weird to say this and really weird to think it, but I am blessed beyond measure to have this life I call mine. I never thought this would be how I wrapped up my 20s, but here we are and here we go.

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