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If you've been reading this blog for-evv-ur, you'd know I'm a follower of the flylady. Flylady, aka Marla Cilley, is the sweetest thing and one of the things she does wonderfully is promote the causes and projects that mean a lot to her. 

Sometimes this means telling her network about a new music album from an upstart. Which is why I had an email the other day talking about a new album from a guy named Gary Morris. I have never heard one second of Mr. Morris's music, but I am guessing he's a country music singer.

Here's the track list from his new CD, called Single Man:

1. Single Man
2. I Love the Waffle House
3. Woe is Me
4. Another You
5. Poison in your Water
6. I'll Forget to Breathe
7. All in the Name of Love
8. If You Were Mine
9. Silence Says it All
10. Midnight Madness

Is it just me, or does that track list tell a story in 10 lines?

If you're curious and would like to purchase the album, you can get it in the flyshop. This is not an affiliate link and I will receive nothing if you click on it or buy anything.

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