things i cannot do while gabriel contemplates sleep

While Gabriel is contemplating sleep, the behaviors in which I must not engage include but are not limited to:

- Looking at the TV, even if it's on mute
- Looking at my phone
- Looking at my ipad
- Looking at a book
- Talking
- Singing or humming
- Knitting
- Writing or drawing
- Eating or drinking
- Shushing the dog
- Changing positions
- Breathing too loudly
- Turning on a light
- Turning off a light
- Attemping to cover the baby with anything

If I break the rules, I get a restless baby who insists on sitting up and crawling around instead of going to sleep. And sometimes I get a restless baby even if I don't break the rules. At which point I consider finding the nearest wall and begin beating my head against it, and then I take a deep breath and remind myself that he will only be this little for a very short time. And then I'm (usually) ready to try again.

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