gabriel's first costume

Because I have dreams of being that mom, and because I have approximately zero disposable income, and because he's too young to know the difference anyway, I decided to make Gabriel's Halloween costume.

This year Gabriel will be dressing as a turtle. I figured it would be cute because he is crawling and because we call him the little turtle when he pops his head up, it would be "free" because I already had everything I'd need to make it, and it would satisfy my deep, insatiable need to "make stuff." That right there is the costume trifecta for a crafty single mom.

I used bits and bobs from my yarn stash to make several different "granny squares" (actually hexagons) in varying shades of greens and brown. From those, I picked my favorites and then made a total of seven* to assemble for the turtle shell.

Making the shell "blanket" was really fast, and I more or less followed these guidelines.

I seamed them all together (while walking beside the grocery cart at Costco, much to my mom's disturbance), and then had the fun job of figuring out how to get the thing to stay on. Eventually I settled on knitting up a ribbed harnessy-type rig to attach to the front - a stretchy waistband across the middle and then two shoulder straps.

And there we have it! Gabriel the Turtle.

*Ten cool points to the person who can tell me why this is asterisked


  1. Huzzah! My turtle guess was right! I love this costume--pinning it.

    I really want 10 cool points--is 7 a Biblical thing? Is it weird because hexagons are 6 sides? Is he in 7th heaven in his new costume?

  2. Thanks! It is not a biblical thing or a reference to his feelings about the costume. It has something to do with numbers of sides.

    1. I think I might have to give up...6 sides to a hexagon, 7 hexagons to make a turtle-baby...I think I'm out.

    2. I goofed when I made it, ending up with 6 hexagons and a pentagon. It's the bottom right one (bright green).

  3. Replies
    1. haha thanks. yours is cute, too! one of the perks of having a girl is the opportunities for tutus.


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