it's late, but i don't have a bed

So I thought I'd update you on my last update. Some stuff has happened.

Did I tell you about the water heater? I know I told you about the mold. Well, halfway through the week-long mold-fixing process, our water heater blew a gasket. Or blew its lid. Or something like that. We're talking water, gushing. (I am not looking forward to the next water bill.)

I'll just note here that when I called the office to report my leaking gushing water heater, they tried to correct me by informing me that the mold problem actually is from the upstairs a/c unit (something they've told me from the beginning. I got the message, guys). I had to interrupt Mr. Know-It-All and say NO, exCUSE me, my water heater is GUSHING WATER and it is all over the hallway, right NOW, and I want you to send someone to FIX IT IMMEDIATELY.

Because sometimes, enough is enough.

Only, sometimes it really isn't enough, is it?

No, sometimes it really isn't enough. There's more.

(You might also recall that my mother-in-law was here for the duration of this story.)

So on Thursday, my wall is no longer moldy, my closet carpet has been replaced, and I am starting to load the contents of the master closet back into the closet and up off of the floor where they'd been residing for...I lost track of how many days. Lots. (I might have worn the same 4 outfits to work every week since starting there. I don't know if anyone has noticed yet.)

On Friday, the carpets were due to be shampooed. We decided to get out of the apartment and head to the mountains, the 3 of us plus the dogs. We had a great day up in the Mt. Evans region of the world (photos might come later, maybe) and I was reeeeeeeally looking forward to coming home around 6, lounging around in my nice, newly cleaned apartment, putting life back together and taking it easy. 

So this is where it gets good. And by good, I mean dicey.

Brian is the first to get a load from the car and take it inside. I'm not too far behind him, when I hear...

"Oh noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!"

Just what anyone wants to hear when someone walks into her home before she does. 

I boogie to the scene, expecting...I don't know what I was expecting. 

What I was NOT expecting was this:

Why yes, that IS two inches of standing water at the door to my apartment. With more and more and more coming from the ceiling every second.

To be continued.


  1. oh... my... goodness. You have got to be kidding me!

  2. OH NO.
    oh no.
    oh noooooooooooooo.


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