So...in case you haven't noticed, I've been off my blogular game the past week. I can think of a few good reasons...my favorite of which is something I like to call

Guatemala's Revenge!

Brian and I, and 59 other people from our church (49 of which were teenagers) (yes, 49 teenagers) spent a week in Guatemala. Pretty much all of us got sick, me included. We had numerous discussions about poop during that week.

Some of us are still sick. Me included. Fortunately, these days my discussions about poop have significantly decreased in number.

And for that reason, I have been doing the bare minimum. Blogging didn't make that list.

I'm expecting I'll need another week or so of respite before launching into Real Life head-on.

First up: starting my new job!

I'll also post some photos and info about the trip. Because all in all, it was pretty cool.

In the meantime...BRB

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