Can I get a witness?

So I totally ripped this post's title from the title of Brian's sermon of a couple weeks ago.

I should also add that there is nothing of value in this post, at all. Unless you're into side-abs, in which case, read on.

I was out of town last week. Well, for like half of last week. And I am still recovering from my having left and having returned. Apparently April was really busy and got really out of control without me really noticing. And then I disappeared for a few days for everything to simmer and fester and (in the to-do list's case) grow exponentially. I left feeling a little overwhelmed, and then I came back feeling a LOT overwhelmed, and pretty tired, and with a few new things rolling around in my brain JUST because I needed to be a little more distracted this week.

Also. Four days without an adolescent border collie = bliss.

(Although I must say that she doesn't get up earlier than 7am these days, which is good for my Sleep Recovery Program but detrimental to my Get Stuff Done And Stay On Track Plan.)

Brian and I have worked out a Border Collie Management Plan, which I think is going to benefit every single one of us (including both dogs) in a few different ways.

I'm still working on the Life Management Plan. Not to mention the Kitchen Management Plan and the What Is All This Stuff All Over The Carpet Management Plan, which I expect will be twofold, with one prong addressing the mysterious black stains and the other prong addressing all the bits and pieces of chewed-up whatnot that make my vacuum tremble with fear.

My real frustration is that I don't even really have anything that I can point to and say Look, THIS is why I feel like I'm drowning*. There are some smallish and mediumish things, like a 30-page paper I'm editing, some contract work that's about to be kick-started, VBS planning, blah blah blah...but nothing big and hairy and loud. It's really weird to feel so overwhelmed for no apparent reason.

But to be completely honest, I am happier right now than I've been maybe EVER. My life is so good right now, y'all, and I know and acknowledge and am deeply grateful for how richly God has blessed me. I'm in a tizzy, but I'm also deeply immersed in something that used to be called 'bliss' but might be called something else these days.

ALSO. I was adjusting the waistband of a skirt I wore yesterday, when I felt...SIDE ABS**! I've been doing the 30 Day Shred for most of April and the side ab confrontation was the first real evidence that something is happening under all this skin. Note to anyone about to do the 30 day shred: Weigh yourself in the beginning if you want, but ALSO take some measurements, because your weight probably won't drop all that much for a while but things will be changing! I think I've lost two lbs on the scale, but my stomach is flatter, I'm starting to have calves and ankles instead of cankles, and my clothes are fitting better. And also: SIDE ABS!

*Drowning, or suffocating. One of the two.
**Normal people call these 'obliques'

I've linked up with Company Girl Coffee this morning. Company Girl Coffee is a fun weekly link-up at Home Sanctuary. Check it out, and come on in!


  1. "What Is All This Stuff All Over The Carpet Management Plan"...I loved that!

    I started the 30 day shred last spring...was really seeing some great results. Then found out I was pregnant so I stopped. I think I may be pulling the DVD out this weekend and starting over again. Got a few last baby pounds to lose!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I appreciate you popping by. Hope the shred is going well, good luck with that, I've heard it's brutal! :)

  3. I love the title--this is a phrase uttered a thousand times a day at work. It's what you say when you need someone to verify that you are indeed wasting a narcotic drug and not keeping it for yourself. I use the same phrase with Brice when I ask him to verify that my alarm is set.


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