what's your purpose?

Rick Warren, author of the whole Purpose-Driven series of books/journals/CDs/DVDs/lectures about the purpose-driven life, church, youth, family, marriage, sibling rivalry, used car dealership, and other what-have-yous, really tapped into something when he released his first of the montage, the Purpose Driven Life. It resonated with so many people for a number of reasons, but I like to keep it shallow here at Chez Duckling (not actually true) and I'm going to go out on a limb (also not actually true) and suggest that a big reason why Warren's first Purpose book did so well is that people are searching for their purpose.

Finding your purpose, waking up with a sense of purpose, getting all your stuff done with a sense of purpose, living with purpose, strikes a chord for many of us. A lot of us haven't found our purpose - or A purpose, yet, and we look at those around us who are living their lives with meaning or intention and wonder how we can get that.

I don't speak from experience, of course, as my life is veritably riddled with purpose (NOT TRUE), but I know many of you out there might be wandering.

Like me.

So what's your secret? Do you know what you were 'meant' to do, and if so, how did you figure it out? Or maybe, like me, your secret is that you have no idea what you're doing, and you're making it up as you go along.

What say ye?


  1. Is this a rerun, or am I just scaring myself with deja vu?

  2. ha, I completely forgot about the other post I wrote on this topic. I guess I should figure something out and get on with it already :)


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