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Unless you live under an even bigger rock than the one I live under, you know that the US Open is going on. (What you might not know is that Roger Federer can play tennis so well that he can hit a ball, back to the net, between his legs, and it will go back over the net just out of his opponent's reach.)

And the US Open, as you may or may not know, is aired on CBS. Or CBSHD if you're high-tech. Which we are not (yet).

You know what else is aired on CBS - at least for the next week? Guiding Light. The longest-running television show in history. (72 years.) CBS canceled the show back in April, and its last episode airs this Friday. I've been watching GL since the latter part of 2005, when I was stuck in my old room at my mom's house, with a head injury that prevented me from reading and left me with radio or TV for entertainment, and all but maybe 2 of my friends had just moved away (graduation and all). I happened upon GL during a pretty interesting young-people story line, and my viewership stuck. I've been pretty bummed that the show is canceled, like many people.

So when I heard that 60 Minutes was airing some kind of special on GL, I decided to tune in. Except the US Open was still going on, and 60M was being bumped back.

It was while I was waiting for one irrelevant subject of great passion to wrap up so that I could watch a special on another irrelevant subject of great passion being wrapped up that I remembered that, despite a lifetime of tennis-watching and even playing, I still do not know how the sport is scored (sorry mom). I've got game-set-match down, and I know that 'love' means zero, and at some point or other, to win you have to have two more of something than the other guy does. End of tennis knowledge storehouse.

So after offering this new insight to my husband for his greater enlightenment, I proceeded to Google to educate myself. I typed in the word 'how' (as in 'how tennis is scored') and some Google suggestions popped up. Would you like to know what Google suggests for search terms beginning with the word HOW?

I knew you would. Maybe you'll see the funny correlation among the top 5.

Here we go:

HOW to tie a tie
HOW i met your mother
HOW to kiss
HOW to get pregnant
HOW stuff works
HOW to
HOWard University
HOW to lose weight
HOWard Hanna
HOW to make a website


  1. Random tennis fact as i sit here watching Roger blow through the final match (so far anyway). The scoring is 0-15-30-40 and then deuce if both have 40. Then it gets a bit more complicated so we will talk later. BUT- this is your interesting fact because I know you generally like them. So here goes- 0 equals "love". Know why? It started out French. "L'oeuf" which means "egg". Eggs are round like a zero. Over time, it evolved to be "love". I like love better than I like eggs anyway. And unlike eggs, love is great to have every day, all the time and doesn't give you cholesterol. In this case, evolution REALLY helped the cause.

  2. that's funny that you posted that because I came across the exact same thing recently--that how to get pregnant one is always coming up!


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