when all else fails, post a meme

I was tagged! And instead of wasting more time on Facebook, I decided to do a non-update on my blog. Don't worry folks, news is coming soon.

The following meme is brought to you by Angie, aka lala, aka AngStudAng, aka Trigger. Please note that she will not answer to any of these.

Three nicknames I go by or nicknames others have given me:
1. bashtree
2. ash
3. beb

Three jobs I have had in my life.
1. childcare assistant for CHBC's mothers morning out program
2. staff assistant, center for academic integrity
3. administrative coordinator, the als association

Three Places I have lived:
1. charlotte, nc
2. chapel hill, nc
3. richmond, va

Three Favorite drinks:
1. room-temperature water
2. white grape juice
3. vodka (shut up)

Three TV shows that I watch
1. so you think you can dance
2. guiding light (for the next couple of weeks that it's on) (also, stop judging)
3. in shape with sharon mann

Three Favorite Old Shows
1. that 70s show. i'm counting it as old, because it's no longer produced and it's set in the 70s
2. the match game (best game show ever)
3. that pyramid game with the words - $64,000 pyramid? i love old game shows.

Three Places I Have Been
1. st. petersburg, russia
2. san blas islands, off of panama
3. the ruins at ancient ephesus

Three people who e-mail/Facebook me regularly
1. lisa
2. chuck
3. stacey

Three of my favorite restaurants
1. sticky rice
2. hill cafe
3. city diner

Three things I am looking forward to
1. my next mac, whatever/whenever it may be
2. having a swanky downtown loft apartment (in my dreams)
3. getting another dog

Three Places I would like to visit
1. monticello
2. mt. vernon
3. blue ridge parkway

Three books I'd like to finish this year:
1. the way of a pilgrim
2. o come ye back to ireland
3. little heathens
(and much, much more)

Three Dreams:
1. multiple papillons
2. a long, happy marriage
3. a pile of quilts

Three living people I'd like to have dinner with my family:
1. kelly justice
2. john christopher
3. eddie izzard

Three life sweet events this week:
1. a volunteer bringing a special treat for me (little does he know what's in store for him!)
2. eli responding well to his new training and being much more cuddly and at ease and people-oriented
3. brian and his extremely good news - and the new demeanor he's had since hearing it

Three things I am grateful for:
1. a husband who's easy to love
2. people who want to take care of us
3. bark busters


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm totally reading O Come Ye Back to Ireland right now! We're like the same person in two bodies! I was going to comment on how awesome vodka is, but then I was sidetracked (but in the right direction) by the book thing. I <3 you.


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