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In my never-ending money-saving endeavors, I've tried a few different things. I never really got into the whole app thing when it comes to grocery shopping (or anything else), but a friend turned me on to this new app called Ibotta. (If I've got the pronunciation right, it should sound like "I bought a")

I like the Ibotta app because it deals in actual money that I can earn really easily and then redeem REALLY easily and quickly. It's all done on my smartphone. To date, I've picked up almost $25 extra toward my food budget buying things that I either would be buying anyway or would be really interested in trying.

If you get super excited about it, the way I did, you can earn a cool $15 or more in your first two weeks of playing along. That right there was worth the approximately 10 minutes it took to load the app, load the coupons, and submit my receipts. It's not a high maintenance process, but there are guidelines to follow. Bottom line is, it's really easy to use. And have I mentioned that it pays out real money?

In the beginning, I was a total skeptic because I don't have time to deal with most things like this. BUT, I've continued to use the app -- for about a month now -- and I am really happy with it. I don't have time for fussy apps and weird coupons and odd rules, and I don't get any of that with Ibotta. So I figured it was time to spread the word.

Ibotta is not the next big thing to make you rich or anything like that, but if you're willing to put a tiny bit of effort into it for just a couple of trips to the grocery store in back-to-back weeks, the first payout (a minimum of 10 actual dollars transferred to your Paypal account, with no fees removed) would probably make it worth your while. It is probably my second-favorite "online money thing," behind my beloved Swagbucks.

Note: The links above are my affiliate link. I didn't get compensated to write this post, but I do get compensated if a few of you sign up using my affiliate link.

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