an update! potty training at 20 months

Gabriel is a solid 20 months old, and I am going out on a limb and saying he's now pretty much potty trained

When we are at home, he has a phenomenal track record. I think there's been one accident in the past 2 or 3 days, here at the apartment. Accidents tend to happen when he is both fully clothed AND distracted (by playing or eating).

There's room for improvement in the pottying department, and I don't mean to suggest that I expect him to be 100% perfect all the time, either. The first thing is getting him to be reliably trained while fully clothed. I am working on desensitizing him to the whole concept of peeing when there's more than one layer of fabric between his legs -- up until recently, that was a diaper and diapers were for peeing in. And as much as I am all about simple clothing (and optional clothing at home), I'm not quite brave enough to tool around town with a pantsless toddler.

The other task is to get him used to asking for the potty when we are in places other than the apartment. This means while we're outside, in the car, and at other places (like church or the store). To this end, I have begun taking him, sans diaper, to a few "safe" places, like the big house, the church (where playgroup is in the nursery), and the pediatrician. Once he's reliable in pee-friendly places like that, I will get brave and start taking him places like the store and the library. My goal is to have him fully transitioned to the potty by the time his second birthday rolls around.

It's TOTALLY doable.

This son of mine...he's pretty amazing.

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