Vivian Maier: 50s and 60s street photographer

YOU GUYS. If you have any appreciation for art, history, or even 'retro' you have to see this. Like, NOW.

Click here and watch the video

I am so taken by this woman's photography. It's possible that you might be, too.

Her work, perhaps hundreds of thousands of negatives, spans decades and covers a vast array of subjects. Portraiture, landscape and architecture, and everything in betweenFrom on vivianmaierphotography.com,

"A nanny for many years, herself childless, Maier revealed the beauties and complexities of domesticity. Her photographs demonstrate an intimate exploration of family life, as well as seemingly allegorical treatments of “home”—a space sometimes idyllic and whole, and sometimes troubled—as in her photographs of homes destroyed by tornadoes or street riots. "

Visit the website, the flickr stream, and the blog to see more.

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