Fudge FAIL

I like to try new things in my kitchen. A lot of times, I come away with moderate, if not great, success.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: 

My latest FAIL. The S'mores Fudge Fail.


  1. lol. that makes me feel better. I spent 3 hours making Lemon Blossoms, and out of what would've been at least 50, I probably got 24good ones. :)

  2. wah wah wahhhhh.... (you know, the fail music?)

    It's okay... we all have our flops. Plus I seem to recall you skipping some of the ingredients for this particular dish, haha.

  3. That looks...like a disemboweled stuffed animal. How did it taste?

  4. Did I skip something? I don't remember. I did find a new recipe that used cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips. I think I've blocked it from my memory at this point.

    It tasted kinda like hard, grainy, scorched chocolate. Hard to figure out what I did wrong (NOT).


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