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So if you knew me well or if you knew much about my daily life, you would know that I tend to have my hand in a few different pies. I have myriad interests, many of which are domestically oriented.

Lately, I have taken an interest in homemade shortbread, and related shortbread (or other cookie) molds. It all started with this post by Ann Voskamp (really, if you don't read her blog, maybe you should).

Toward the bottom, Ann mentions heart-shaped shortbread as a family tradition. And right then and there, I wanted to make heart-shaped shortbread a tradition in my family, too.

Except, I didn't have the right kind of pan. I searched and scoured and I couldn't find one that would suffice, except this one, which is the one Ann mentions, and is a bit out of reach in the budget, even on ebay.

And then, another favorite blog posted something that made my heart skip. No, seriously. I coughed once or twice to get the ol' ticker back apace (which is usually a trick I must use only when I am overly tired and the mitral valve prolapse is acting up).

Behold, in all its (NOT IT'S) glory:

the Celtic Knot Shortbread Pan.

I must have this. I simply must have it. I have been 'sitting on' the idea of purchasing it for far too long, now. I have gone from 'oh I would like it' to 'I MUST HAVE THIS.'

Sadly, with a price tag of $34.95 plus shipping, it is even further out of reach than my second-favorite.

But hey, my birthday is coming up! And a girl can dream. And wish. And pine.

here's another video of the dogs to keep you from thinking this post was a complete waste of time:

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  1. aw, cute Rory! My dogs STILL have difficulty going into a sit from a lay down. I don't know what is so difficult about it to them


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