only for you, Bill

In my job, I deal with lots of people, including people who are not necessarily tech savvy.  This can sometime cause a flurry of small problems, as one of our major fundraising events centers around heavy use of a website.

I have one one fundraising team captain who is not really interested in messing around with the website.  He's from an older generation and isn't as comfortable with the ins and outs as we youngsters are.  He's also not quite sure yet how much to trust the internet, and in particular, how much to trust credit card transactions over the internet.  He is the nicest man, though, diligent and really dedicated to the cause.

He got in touch with me the other day, asking me if it would be ok if he could call me today and give me his credit card information to process a donation.

I said, For you Bill, I would, and gladly.

Ok I didn't actually say that, but how suave would that have been?

What's the most charming thing you've said to somebody?

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