10 or so things about me

A while ago I was tagged on facebook to fill out a 16-factoid about-me.  I filed it under 'to do' and then the holidays happened and I spent a week in a car and my brain melted.  But now, it is back to business.  

1. In the US, there are 2 main kinds of knitting styles - where you work the yarn with your left, and with your right.  I started out working with the right - which is MUCH more common - but I switched, and now I can knit much faster.

2. My now-husband and I knew each other for years before we really ever had our own friendship.  He was dating the girl who stole my first boyfriend, and it took me a while to get past that.

3. When I decided to purchase a pet, I wanted either an Italian greyhound or a papillon.  I picked papillon because that breeder was located about half an hour closer than the Iggy's.  That's how I ended up with Eli.

4. One of my papillon owner friends thinks that Eli is not a purebred papillon, that he is part chihuahua.  I think she might be right, and for some reason this bothers me a whole heck of a lot, even though being a mix might be better than his health.

5. I recently filed a lawsuit against, and reached a settlement with, my alma mater's most hated rival school.

6. My credit rating is near 800.

7. I have been to 30+ countries, and not as many states.

8. I've watched the ball drop in NYC on tv every year for as long as I can remember - except for one.  A couple of years ago, I accidentally watched the Meatwad drop, on Cartoon Network.  I thought it was a joke and almost cried when I realized it was the real thing.

9. I received my first kiss shortly after midnight on 01-01-00.  I wish I knew what that said in binary.  (also: Brian is a much better kisser.  And I think that guy is getting married soon,so  congrats to him!)

10. When I was young - second grade - I broke both of my arms within 2 weeks of each other, in the exact same spot, a couple of inches below the shoulder.  The first break was never detected - they thought it was a sprain.  It wasn't until I broke the second one that I had x-rays done and we learned that they had both been broken.  I almost DIDN'T get the x-rays, because my shoulders were both 'funny-looking' in the same ways, because the breaks were identical.  As a result of all this fun, both of my arms are rotated away from my body about 60 degrees.  This poses a physical challenge occasionally.

11. I steal things in White Elephant games.  Always.

12. The hair on the nose side of my left eyebrow grows straight up.  On my right, it grows outward like normal.

13. Brian and I were married less than a year after we started dating.  

14. When I was younger, my left foot was almost a half size smaller than my right.  They've evened out mostly, but the right side is still bigger.

15. I prefer analog to digital in almost all media.

16. I am a direct descendent of Sir Walter Raleigh's half-brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

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