the expected whats-it

You know how sometimes your life gets really busy, and there's a ton of stuff going on and you're moving in a million directions (or in my case, you and your spouse are moving in a million directions, sometimes not the SAME direction, all the while sharing a car)??

That's me, right now. There's a lot going on. The list that follows is a boiled-down snippet of our schedule the past and coming weeks:

June 16-17 - Ashley away on business
June 21-28 - Ashley away on business
July 7-9 - 9 teenagers, ages 17-19, are staying at our house
July 8-9 - Ashley's college roommate is staying at our house (that's today, yay!)
July 9-12 - Brian's sister gets married the 11th and Brian is doing a large portion of the service; we spend these days in Brian's hometown, 4+ hours south of us. (This is the part where we bring back our second vehicle, joy upon joy.)
July 15-17 - Ashley's brother gets married on the 17th; we spend these days in the bride's hometown, 4 hours north. We also drive back the night of the 17th, because...
July 18-19/20 - We fly 2000 miles west for a face-to-face visit with a potential new employer for Brian. Ashley comes back the evening of the 19th, Brian comes back sometime the 20th.
July 24-26 - After work on Friday, we go to the beach, where Brian is performing a wedding on that Saturday.

Add a few crises in the mix, and what you have is a genuine, bonafide mess of a human being, for right now.

People say that this is what life is all about. I'm trying to just sit back and 'enjoy the ride.' What do YOU do when your schedule is out of control? (If applicable:) How do you stay connected with your spouse when you're so busy?


  1. Goodness gracious girl! That is a mighty full plate! Good luck keeping your sanity and happiness through all those intensely emotional events! <3

  2. ...please note that said teenagers were all 18 or 19, and relatively well-behaved...and this group of kids involved your favorite person under 21...ME. :-D


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