three things i'm grateful for

when the going gets tough, the conscious get grateful. 

1. UNCTV - I confess. I love public television. I love it. Love it love it love it. I can learn to cook, garden, and sew all while soothing a fussy baby. Current favorite shows: Cooks Country, the Almanac Gardner, b organic, and Front Row Center.

2. The ensuite bathroom - I'm currently staying in the guest suite at my mom's house. I say suite because it's a suite - a huge room, two biiiiig closets, and its own bathroom. It's like having my own tiny apartment in this big house. It's so nice to be able to plop Gabriel on the floor in here while I take a shower. I'm close enough to hear him and keep an eye on him without having to cram both of us into the bathroom.

3. Punch the Pig - When I moved back to North Carolina, I had to move my money from the local Colorado bank. I thought about researching local NC banks, but it didn't take long to realize that I had three choices: the big bank within walking distance, the crappy bank that everybody hates within easy driving distance, or any other bank, which would be at least 5 miles away. I went with the walking distance one. And they have this cool feature in their online set up called Punch the Pig. Whenever I log in and feel like it, I can "punch the pig" and send $5 to my savings account. You can customize your pig and the noise it makes when you punch it, and it's totally goofy and silly and 5 dollars isn't a lot, but it's something, and these days I need all the little somethings I can get. My pig is tie-dyed.

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